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CAI-CT supports Community Volunteer Leaders -

You’re a leader in your community, a member of your board, or maybe even the president or treasure of the association.  Whatever your role, you’re engaged and committed to your community.  You deserve the gratitude of your neighbors.  You also need tools and resources to do your job, and make your community even better.  We can help. Become a CAI Member today!

The CAI Promise
In CAI, you'll find a friendly and accessible forum to develop relationships, increase your knowledge, and help shape the future of the nation's communities. We offer a variety of resources to help you.

Protect your interests
CAI advocates community association interests before legislatures, regulatory bodies, and the courts.  Download a copy of CAI's public policy statements (PDF). Visit our Legislative Action Page for information on legislation in Connecticut.

Why Community Associations Work
We have added a new topic to our online registry of background documents.  “Why Community Associations Work” is now one of 18 summaries, which can also be used as general backgrounders for CAI members, the media, public policy officials and others. Other summary documents address the history of community associations, association governance, governing documents, foreclosure, green issues, yard signs and free speech, the profession of community management and more.  The backgrounders are available in the Press Room under Issues & Perspectives. Contact Frank Rathbun (frathbun@caionline.org), CAI’s vice president of communications and marketing, if you have any questions.

Develop skills to govern or manage your association successfully
CAI offers education courses nationally and locally in a variety of formats for board members and homeowners. The ABC's is the most comprehensive review of community association operations available. Sign Up Today to receive CAI-CT ALERTS!

Discover resources that can give you the answers you need
CAI's publishing division, Community Associations Press, publishes the largest collection of books and guides on community association governance and management available anywhere. Our online members only section provides a number of specialized resources exclusively to members.

Berlin-Peck Memorial Library Reference Library from The Foundation for Community Association Research. The Collection, valued at more than $1500, was made possible by a donation from Community Association Banc. To read more about the collection, please click here.

Find qualified professionals
CAI's Vendor Directory, Manager Directory and Virtual Trade Show can help you locate credentialed managers, reserve specialists, attorneys, and insurance and risk management specialists.

Deepen your knowledge
CAI's award-winning magazine, Common Ground, and several specialized newsletters provide in-depth analyses of legislative trends and practical articles about community association finance, law, and management.   Connecticut’s own magazine,  Common Interest provides informative articles from experts in accounting, law, maintenance, documents, communications and senior communities.

Expand your thinking
CAI conducts research and acts as a clearinghouse for information on innovations and best practices in community association governance and management.

Let Rights and Responsibilities Help Your Community
The process of formally adopting Rights and Responsibilities will give communities an excellent opportunity for the kind of dialogue that facilitates awareness, builds consensus, and promotes greater community involvement.

We have the answers!