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Zoom - Webinar Panelist Hints

Zoom Panelist (Speakers, Moderators, Hosts)


Technology will be your GREATEST challenge, but with a little bit of prep, it will also be your will be your GREATEST advantage. 


Our Best Practices for a Successful Webinar

  1. Individual Tech check with Ellen prior to Zoom Webinar Platform prior to Group Run Through
  2. Group Run Through  approximately 2 days prior in broadcast mode – (no changes after that no matter how tempting)
  3. Group Practice Session 30 minutes prior to live – (3 different sources suggest this amount of time)
  4. Once Live - If panelist is muted due to tech or toggle and panelist does not see chat notification that there is a problem
    • Moderator or Kim will interrupt by audio
    • If it can be resolved quickly…..continue
    • If it is taking too much time, continue to next speaker
  5. No shared microphones and no Zooming in the same room.  This will mess up the audio feed during the presentation.


Prior to Tech Check


Group Run Through

  • You will receive an email from with information on how to join this group run through as a PANELIST the day of the scheduled run through.
  • We will schedule a run through of the webinar a few days prior to the actual webinar.  This is to work on how everyone and their technologies will work together and we will finalize any power points. 
  • After the Run Through CAI-CT will finalize a cheat sheet by PPT slide and send this to all panelists.


Group Practice Session - 30 minutes prior to the LIVE webinar

  • You will receive an email from with information on how to join this group run through as a PANELIST the day of the scheduled LIVE webinar.
  • All panelistswill meet to the webinar to untangle any technical glitches prior to going live.

Day of Webinar Reminders for Speakers/Moderators:

  • Have screen set up to include:
    • Chat function - this is how panelists will communicate behind the scenes
    • Q&A function (you will see questions asked)
    • Participant panel – will show how many people have joined the meeting

  • Also:
    • Have any reference notes open on your screen or next to your screen
    • Have copy of ppt – this will include who is doing what
    • Have water available
    • Turn off all distractions


  • Q&A will work like this
    • Moderator - Ask a specific speaker the question. Mark as answered live. Mark as Done
    • Moderator or Kim will dismiss questions that are repetitive, or too long (be brutal)
    • If there is time, we can go back to the dismissed list

Reference Materials for Presenters & Hosts


Don't let this happen to you, but if it does, take a moment to chuckle.




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